Welcome to Castlefrank Elementary School Council

Castlefrank Elementary School is a JK-3 dual track school nestled in the heart of Kanata South. All parents/guardians are granted membership in the School Council and many are very involved in the school and greater community. The objectives of the School Council include developing a strong relationship between home, school and the wider community; raising funds; and encouraging the sharing of views and opinions of our parent community. Castlefrank parents and guardians are encouraged to be a part of school life. School Council meetings are well attended and help to create a positive atmosphere of parental feedback and support for staff in the school.

Council meets in the School library from 7-9pm the third Wednesday of every month with the exception of December and June.

Everyone is welcome to join us! If you wish to discuss something at one of our meetings, email us at the address below. Thank you and welcome to the Castlefrank Community!

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